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Welcome to the PureCloudOps User Manual

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This manual helps you get Instant Visibility and Alerting of your AWS Infrastructure with Pure Cloud Operations.

PureCloudOps focuses on the issues plaguing operations, such as scaling to the infrastructure, resolving alerts, and automated reporting. Doing this all in real-time.

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AWS Native

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Real Time Alerting

AWS Cloudwatch Metrics

A key component of monitoring (and observability) is the collection and processing of metrics. In the AWS ecosystem, these metrics are found in AWS Cloudwatch Metrics.

CloudWatch Metrics are obtained through API polling, or the newer Metric Streams.

PureCloudOps integration concepts

PureCloudOps’ integration will use the AssumeRole API to securely connect with your intermediary resources without the need to pass around IAM credentials. An IAM Policy w/ External ID will explicitly define PureCloudOps’s scope of access to your account.

At any time, you may remove the integration and/or intermediary resources to revoke access.

Page last updated: 2023 Mar 25