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AWS Metric Streams

  1. Adding Metric Streams
    1. Integration concepts

Adding Metric Streams

AWS CloudWatch Metric Streams replaces traditional polling methods to deliver large quantities of data directly to an AWS S3 bucket.

Integration concepts

PureCloudOps’ integration with AWS Cloudwatch is capable of collecting events from Metric Streams, via an intermediary Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and AWS S3 bucket. Our integration will also deploy AWS SQS and IAM resources to facilitate data collection.

Metric Stream support is now available through the interface. However this feature will require a different CloudFormation script, and additional instructions.

PureCloudOps provides a CloudFormation script to initialize the integration, and add one (1) Metric stream integration, via an AWS SQS queue. PureCloudOps also provides another “update” CloudFormation script to add additional metric streams after the first one

Please contact PureCloudOps Support if you would like to configure / enable Metric Stream support.

Page last updated: 2023 Mar 25