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Getting Started

Table of contents
  1. Sign up
  2. Choose an Authentication method
  3. Verify Email
  4. Choose your Account name and AWS region
  5. Wait for a confirmation, and your custom URL
  6. Connecting AWS Account

Sign up

Visit the signup site to signup for a free trial, or an account with a paid plan. (Link)

Click here to Get Started and sign up for a Free trial!

Choose an Authentication method

On the sign-up page, choose your preferred authenication method, or continue with an email address.

Note: If using Email address, you will be prompted to create an Auth0 account after signup. If you already have an account with Auth0 using the same Email address, you may use that one instead.

Verify Email

You may be asked to confirm your Email address. Please use the link in the email, or enter the verification code.

Choose your Account name and AWS region

Provide some initial information to help us set up your account.

Note: You can choose one of the Paid plan to skip the trial. You may also change your plan any time during the free trial period.

Wait for a confirmation, and your custom URL

Give us a moment to set up your custom site. You should receive an email shortly.

Connecting AWS Account

Continue to Connect your AWS account!

Page last updated: 2023 Mar 25

Table of contents