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Metric Poll Settings

  1. Configuring Metric Poll Settings
    1. Poll Settings Page
    2. Popular Metrics
    3. Getting Metrics Data
  2. Viewing Metric Data

Configuring Metric Poll Settings

After the AWS connection is made, there may be no data available initially:

You will need to configure the Metric Poll Settings to determine the specific type(s) of Metrics to poll from your enabled AWS Regions.

Poll Settings Page

Open the Main Menu and choose the Poll Settings option under the Data Ingress section.

This will take you to the Poll Configuration page.

A set of popular metrics are defined for AWS services. These are found in the Popular Metrics dropdown, and can be used to quickly set up your new system.

Like the following example, for instance:

These Metric poll settings will determine the type of Metrics data that is collected from your connected AWS account(s).

Getting Metrics Data

If you return back the Connections page after the poll configurations, you may begin to see some data.

Viewing Metric Data

Continue to View your metrics data!

Page last updated: 2023 Mar 25